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Marbled Orbweaver Female Enamel Pin

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The beautiful marbled orbweaver female is often called "the pumpkin spider" due to her large and round abdomen. Adults reach their maximum size in October throughout much of their range, and their festive appearance and beautiful webs are a cheerful sight for gardeners and lovers of Halloween.

This spider spends most of its time crouching in a hideout at the edge of their large orb web, with one foot on a thread to feel for any ensnared prey thrashing around.

  • Orange Pumpkin: unnumbered pin with a festive orange body and yellow highlights.
  • Yellow Pumpkin: unnumbered pin with an eye-popping yellow body and copper highlights.
  • Ghost Pumpkin: this limited edition of 15 was only available in the October 2023 Deluxe Bug Box to a lucky few.

Soft enamel, double posted. Comes on a kraft Bug Box backer.