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January 2022 Bug Box (Blue Carpenter Bee)

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Did you miss the Xylocopa caerulea themed Bug Box? A few more Deluxe boxes are available now, featuring a bee & flower pin, flying bee pin (purple wings or LE 15 gold wings), a holographic sticker, an iron-on patch, a magnetic fact card, and a beanie that's the bee's knees.

The blue fuzz on this insect looks photoshopped, but it's real! This bee lives throughout Southeast Asia and is not picky about finding food. Using "buzz pollination", it can shake the pollen loose from most flowers. 

Like other carpenter bees, it doesn't live in hives or make honey, but females bore holes in dead wood for their eggs. Each egg is provided with "bee bread", a mixture of pollen and nectar, and sealed up inside a chamber until it becomes an adult and goes off on its own.

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