A blue, silver, and white enamel pin of a salt shaker that says "DIE MAD" on its side, sitting in a pile of salt.
Vermin Supreme Enamel Pin
An enamel pin set of a green luna moth and the moon, connected by a silver chain.
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An enamel pin in the shape of a white and red birthday cake, with faux icing text that says "Happy Birthday Loser". This image was featured in many viral articles.
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Cat and Rose Vase Enamel Pin
A pin set featuring a fat grey cat on her back, a dangling cat toy, and a tin of glitter catnip.
Sad Sales Squirted Couch Pin by The Roving House
The Roving House Silver Snail Pin by The Roving House
An enamel pin in the shape of a hammer, with "BAN ME, DADDY" written on the handle.
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An enamel pin of a red heart with the text "tmi" written inside it.
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TMI Heart Pin

An enamel pin featuring the bust of a topless, blue haired woman wearing green dollar sign pasties. Below her is a banner that says "GIVE ME YOUR MONEY".
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