I Scream, You Scream: where summer turns to fall.

We're still in the dog days of summer, and the leaves haven't started to turn, but we know that spooky season is just around the corner. Some of us want to hang on to beach days and scorching sun, and others can't wait for Halloween and sweater season, so this drop we'll have a little of both.

First up is a sweet new classic - four hard enamel ice cream flavors to tickle your senses. I just love the way the waffle texture on the cones came out. (If you haven't guessed, I am solidly on Team Summer.)

John's fired up for fall, though, and he's rolled out a new skull design right on time. "Masked Skull" pins make bold little accents on a jacket or bag - did I ever tell you that you look hot in a mask?

Finally, I'm accepting that autumn is inevitable with a hard enamel reissue of the "Basic AF" pumpkin pin. This one has orange glitter that gives it a candy-like, irresistible sparkle. Be on the lookout for the Blackout pumpkins, too - they're issued randomly to Gold subscribers in the month of September.








  • Ice cream cone pins. LE 55 each of strawberry, chocolate, pistachio, and vanilla. Hard enamel. $14.
  • Masked skull pins. LE 100. Hard enamel, glow in the dark. $15.
  • Basic AF glitter edition pins.  LE 50. Hard enamel, pure orange glitter. $15.

Stay cool, stay safe, stay roving. See you at the drop.

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